Farewell Cath and Kirsty

To all of our Wonderful Customers,

It is with some sadness, but mostly excitement that we are announcing the handover of Jack & Jillaroo to our colleague and friend, Allison Allan.

Kirsty and I are moving on to different adventures so are passing our beloved business to Allison who is a very talented and successful owner of Mini-A childrenswear.  We are so excited for Allison to be taking over and adding some new designs and fabrics.  You are all in for a treat!

Kirsty is continuing on in the property world and being Mum to her 3 gorgeous kiddies. You will still see Kirsty’s youngest, Charlie, feature as a brand rep for Jack & Jillaroo.  Once a member of the J&J family, always a member!

My family and I are leaving the UK to return to Australia after having lived on this side of the world for almost 12 years.  We are traveling on our way back via a few countries, and are going to be blogging about our trip if you would like to follow!  You can find me on Instagram @the_return_to_oz.

We would like to whole heartedly thank each and every one of you for your constant support of our small business.  It is fair to say that we couldn’t have done it without you!  We can’t wait to see what Allison creates for you all, and how Jack & Jillaroo continues to blossom.  We look forward to supporting her every step of the way.

With loads of love,

Cath & Kirsty xxx