Hello, I’m Allison!

Allison | Jack and Jillaroo

Hello Everyone,

I’m so excited about the joining and taking charge of Jack and Jillaroo! Sorry it’s has taken me so long to introduce myself but I think it is important for you to know who is joining the Jack and Jillaroo Family.

So, I’m Allison! A Kiwi who moved to London 10 years ago, meet a boy and stayed.  I studied Design in New Zealand and you could say that it is in my blood as a is the daughter and grand-daughter of two very talented seamstresses.

In 2009, my life unexpectedly changed. At the age of 25 I suffered a major stroke, leaving me in an induced coma for four weeks. When I woke up I was unable to use the right side of my body and was unable to talk. Over the course of the next three years I had to learn how to walk, talk and communicate again.

Now, I am a one handed designer and maker who is also the creative touch behind Mini A – a collection of handmade, beautiful and practical baby and toddler clothing and apparel. Check Mini A out >>www.mini-a.com

I am very excited about taking Jack and Jillaroo on it’s new chapter and hopefully you are enjoying seeing new fabrics and designs that are filtering through with an exciting Christmas range that will be launched very soon.

With this new era for Jack and Jillaroo, it’s a new era for me as well – I am expecting my first little assistant in December! Soon I will be announcing when we are closing for Christmas order but we are trying to keep the website open till as close as possible to Christmas.

I want to thank our customers for their continued support and loyalty for Jack and Jillaroo!!