Christmas babies – we’ve got it all wrapped up!

A large, doe-eyed, fluffy blue monster has arrived in our lives. Yes, the John Lewis ad is out so whether you like it or not, the Yuletide season is officially upon us.

We have our own unique kind of Christmas countdown happening at Jack & Jillaroo as Allison – our designer-in-chief and head honcho – has her own special delivery on its way. Her first baby (a Jillaroo rather than a Jack, but don’t tell anyone) is due in late December. It got us thinking – what’s it like having a baby due at one of the busiest, most intense times of year? More to the point, what’s it like to be born a Christmas baby? We asked Allison to spill the beans…

“Back in March when we were about to start IVF treatment we had a genuine dilemma – we wanted more than anything to get pregnant but as the timing was up to us, was a Christmas due date really a good idea? I knew from friends born in December that they felt their birthdays were overlooked, that joint presents were common and that they didn’t get the same special attention as people born say in the summer. Still all of those doubts went out of the window when we found out that we were pregnant.

Now that we’re getting closer to our own babe in the manger, it actually feels like a really magical time to bring a child into the world and with lots of family around our baby will certainly be used to noise, company and chaos! A white Christmas however could bring with it a whole host of challenges so as lovely as it would be, we want a clear path to the hospital…”

We reckon that a Christmas baby is the best gift you could ever wish for and it’s a great excuse to unashamedly immerse yourself in Christmas keepsakes and gifts – first Christmas baubles, stockings, babygrows, booties, you know the score. Then again Allison could always get her sewing machine out and gift herself a Jack & Jillaroo ‘Rudolph’s in town’ Christmas set and a cute ‘My first Christmas’ organic top – oh, whoops, guess that’s already occurred to her! If you know of a pending Christmas bundle and want your own set of Christmas goodies, make sure you order by December 10th to get it in time for the big day.

Now then, what about names for Christmas babies? ‘Santa’ could be a great option…:)

PS Have you had a baby at Christmas? Or were you a December child and have tips to avoid Christmas and birthdays merging into one? Tell us your stories, we’d love to hear from you.

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