Best Christmas Keepsakes

Given our pending special delivery (see previous blogpost about our exciting news) we’ve been thinking about ways to mark a baby’s first Christmas. Traditions vary – one of our esteemed team here has a Santa bib that has been passed onto every new family member to add their own flavour of festive splash.


Of course there is a multitude of lovely items to choose from online so we thought we’d share our top picks to help you with any tricky decision making.

Tree ornaments

These come in all shapes and sizes. Our favourites include this beautiful glass bauble with a papercut of your child’s name (just don’t let little hands anywhere near it!) or this charming wooden bauble. A Christmas tree foot plaque adds a bit of festive fun or if you’re feeling really brave, make your own bauble handprints using paint or glitter

Christmas Stocking

It might say ‘Baby’s first Christmas’ but we know six year olds who won’t let go of theirs. If you want to make a statement then check out this rather wonderful Santa’s sack or if you want a more traditional stocking that they can get attached to where better to go than Personalised Christmas where even pets get a look in?

Capture your own memories

There’s no need to shell out for a professional photographer, just visit Pinterest for some inspiration and capture your own beautiful images. We’ve put together our own Jack & Jillaroo Pinterest page with some pictures we love to get you started.

Keep the keepsakes

A really lovely idea is to get a special keepsake box (like these cases from Meminio) to store Christmas mementos for future years. It’s also a way to encourage friends and family to write letters and impart words of wisdom for your child to look back on as Christmases pass.

Christmas Accessories

Who does the best personalised Christmas clothes and dribble bibs? Why we do of course! Check out our soft, organic ‘First Christmas’ top or our funky ‘Mad for Baubles’ reversible bib as well as our seasonal ‘Rudolph’s in town’ gift sets.

Happy Shopping!