Baby, it’s cold outside

It’s pretty arctic out there are at the moment, huh? If you have a toddler, this time of year is characterised by bulky jumpers, coats and snowsuits. If you have a baby, however, concerns about chills and overheating can come to the fore. Trips between house, car, shops, soft plays, and back home again can make knowing how to dress your little ones nigh on impossible.

We’ve done our research and have a few top tips to overcome clothing dilemmas during the winter months so that you feel more confident in enjoying those icy cold but sunny days to come.

Babies need one more layer than you – this is a good rule of thumb whether you are in the house or heading out in the snow (or in the UK more likely slush!). Layering-up is generally a good idea as you can easily adapt to temperature changes – think vests, cardigans and blankets

Be careful in the car – there’s been some press about the dangers of bulky clothing and car seats. If you keep a coat on, the harness may not be tight enough and could leave your child less protected in the event of an accident. This Consumer Report is worth a read to make sure you are up-to-date on the guidelines. Drape blankets over children once they are strapped in or use their coat – just slip the arms in backwards once they are safely buckled in.

Toastie tootsies – if heads, hands and feet are warm then the rest of the body should be equally snug. A hat is a must whatever the age of your child as young ‘uns lose heat rapidly. When the cold is biting, it’s worth tucking an extra blanket over baby’s toes – try our soft, organic cotton reversible blankets for guaranteed warmth.

Night time dilemmas – a sparkling, frost-enveloped night is a beautiful sight unless you are the parent of a newborn trudging sleepily to bed. Leave a layer off and they may be too chilly. Add one and they may overheat. A good tip is to feel a baby’s tummy for warmth, layer thin blankets accordingly and use vests and sleepsuits with feet. As a rough guide, the room temperature should be between 16 and 20 degrees at night.

Strip off – that might sound a tad contradictory when we’re talking arctic conditions but coming in out of the cold can mean a sudden change in body temperature. Don’t be tempted to leave on hats and gloves when you come into the house, even if your child is asleep. They will warm up quickly so strip back those layers and go a full circle all the way back to tip number one…

Winter can be a beautiful time of year and as long as you use a bit of common sense then there is no reason why you and your little ones can’t make the most of our changing seasons. Have fun!

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