Blue Monday – make it Yellow!

Apparently today is the most miserable day of the year. A few years ago a formula was invented that measured factors including debt, time since Christmas, weather and salary and concluded that the third Monday in January is the time that we feel most fed up.

We at Jack & Jillaroo are a bit dubious about such ‘scientific formulas’ and choose to have a slightly sunnier outlook on life. We could get down in the dumps but instead we see it as an opportunity to make a change, to get out and do something we haven’t done before or simply to spend time with people that make us happy. In fact, The Samaritans have very cleverly dubbed it ‘Brew Monday’ and are offering a cuppa and a chat at events across the country to raise money and promote their helpline which is free to call all year.

So why not pop in for a brew with someone you haven’t seen for a while?

Or play hide and seek with your little one to make you smile?

Or give your folks a call?

Or surprise someone with a gift?

Or put on your favourite song and dance around your kitchen?

Here at J&J headquarters we are eternal optimists and are on a mission to turn Blue Monday into Yellow Monday. Let us know your thoughts on the subject and in the meantime we’ll post some pictures of our efforts to lift the gloom!