As every mother will tell you, dribble bibs are a lovingly handcrafting necessity that often get overlooked in the style department. However, Jack & Jillaroo, who have been lovingly handcrafting children’s bibs for the last 4 years, creating bibs in a range of beautiful fabrics that are not only practical but also classic and stylish.

Jack & Jillaroo bibs are created using 100% cotton and organic bamboo towelling which means they are super absorbent. They protect little chests by drawing away dampness and the natural fabric means it dries quickly and regulates temperature effectively.

Kick started in Northern Ireland by two friends and mums, Cath Court and Kirsty McCandless. Since Jack & Jillaroo started with hand-made dribble bibs, the collection has grown to include burp cloths, organic teething rings, leggings and organic muslins/blankets.

In August, Cath and Kirsty handed Jack and Jillaroo over to Allison Allan, a one handed crafter and inspiring designer. Allison is a Kiwi, living London and is a the daughter and grand­daughter of two talented seamstresses, a love for clothes and fashion design have been in her blood for as long as she can remember.

At the age of 25 she suffered a major stroke and over the course of the next three years Allison had to learn how to walk, talk and communicate again. However, her creative streak was very much still alive, giving her focus and drive. Through relentless hard work she has taught herself to sew using only her left hand and successfully launched MINI A, demonstrating no obstacle is too great.

Now Allison is adding a another string to her bow and is excited about taking Jack and Jillaroo future along it’s journey!