How to care for your Jack & Jillaroo items


As parents we know time is a luxury and we think doing the laundry (yes, necessary) needs to be kept to a minimum. So we made sure that all our dribble bibs, accessories and clothing are all machine washable. Please see our washing instructions below to keep it looking at it’s best.


Dribble Bibs, Accessories and Clothing

  • Turn your item inside out and wash with other items similar in colour
  • Reshape your item while it is damp
  • Hang your item on the line to dry
  • Please, DO NOT put your item into the tumble dryer!
  • Iron your item on a low heat (unless decorated)


Wooden Teething Ring

To care for your Jack & Jillaroo Wooden Teething Ring and keep it looking at it’s best for longer…

  • Remove the fabric ears and care for the ears as above
  • Wash the wooden ring in a dish of warm soapy water and rinse well
  • Please DO NOT put the wooden ring in the dishwasher!
  • When the ears and wooden ring are both dry and ready, retie.

*Discard at first sign of wear and always use with adult supervision


Personalised Items

All the dribble and clothing have personalised with one of our prints just need a bit of extra care. Please never iron the print!